Undergraduate programs and admission exams

Undergraduate program

Major subject

Form of Education

Admission exams

220700 Automation of technological processes and production


Automation of technological processes and production (oil and gas industry)

Full time,

part time,

reduced part time*

1 Mathematics

2 Physics

Russian Language


Automation of technological processes and production (refining and petrochemicals)

Full time,

part time

140400 Power and Electrical Engineering


Electrical equipment and facilities of enterprises, organizations and institutions

Full time,

part time,

reduced part time*

220400 Control in Engineering Systems


Systems and tools of technological  processes control

Full time

1 Mathematics

2 Computer science

Russian Language

230100 Computer Science and Engineering


Software for computing hardware and  Automated Systems

Full time,

Part time,

reduced part time*

Find complete information about the international admission at pk.rusoi.net and rusoil.net.
* - Applicants who have completed secondary vocational education can apply for reduced undergraduate program complying with their major and must pass one written entrance examination in math (a multiple choice test). Find more information on compliance of majors at pk.rusoil.net.

School of Industrial Processes Automation provides oil and energy companies of the world with highly qualified specialists in design of automated and computational systems. The students of the School receive advanced training in physical and mathematical sciences, study methods of the theory of information and control, acquire practical skills the in use of computers in scientific and engineering design applications.

The School has a good academic and scientific-research basis. Students of the School are provided with housing in dormitories, and have an opportunity to implement and develop their skills and talents.

All graduates are highly demanded workers for oil and gas companies, on the pipeline transportation facilities, at refineries and petrochemical plants.
The School is comprised of the following departments:
- Automation of technological processes and manufactures;
- Electrical engineering and electrical devices of enterprises;
- Computer engineering and engineering cybernetics;
- Mathematics.


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