Graduate programs

Graduate program

Major subject

Form of Education


Automation of technological processes and production

MAG Automation of technological processes and production (oil and gas industry)

Full time

Master of technics and technology

Control in Engineering Systems

MUS Systems and tools of technological  processes control

Full time

Master of technics and technology

Power and Electrical Engineering

MAE Electric drive and automation. Electrical equipment and facilities of enterprises, organizations and institutions

Full time

Master of technics and technology

Computer Science and Engineering

MPO Software for computing hardware and  Automated Systems

Full fime

Master of technics and technology

Graduate program duration is 2 years.

Graduate School of USPTU admits on competitive basis citizens of Russian Federation, foreign citizens and people without citizenship possessing a state certified diploma of higher professional education of different levels.

Admission to graduate programs in USTPU is based on the personal request of applicants on the basis of entrance examinations conducted in order to determine their ability to complete appropriate professional educational programs.
In application for admission to the Graduate School of USPTU the following must be indicated:

- chosen graduate program;
- name of the major subject;
- tuition funding (state-sponsored or selfpaid);
- The contract between the university and the legal and (or) natural person (for persons entering the magistracy UGNTU for training on a fee basis).

When applying for placing incoming documents, identity and citizenship: national passport or identity card prescribed form, military ID or registration certificate.

The application for the reception of applicants is attached:
- The original document on the establishment of the sample countries, eligibility for admission to the University, and (or) its copy certified by the legal department UGNTU;
- 4 photos 3x4 cm;
- A medical certificate form number 086, a certified clinic UGNTU.

The application for admission Admission may be attached other documents that could provide him with benefits in the competitive selection:
- Extract from the record book;
- Recommendation of the State Certification Commission (SAC) to the Masters;
- List of publications, and he received patents, certificates, etc.;
- Other documents, if he claims the privileges established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
- Other documents at the discretion of the citizen.

The application for admission to magistracy UGNTU foreign nationals are making:
- A certified copy of a state diploma of higher education with a Diploma Supplement;
- Russian translation of the document on education, certified by a Russian notary, embassy of the Russian Federation in the country issuing the document or by a notary embassy or consulate of the country of issue of the Russian Federation.
- A copy of a certificate of recognition and equivalence (nostrification) of a foreign state on education and academic degrees;
- A copy of a certificate of passing the State testing of Russian IIurovnya (in accordance with the Ministry of Education "On the introduction of state testing of Russian foreign citizens coming to study in higher education institutions of the Russian Federation on a commercial basis" from 09.07.1998 № 1887).
- A copy of referrals for training, the Russian Ministry issued, or the relevant contract;
- 4 photos 3x4.

Persons entering the magistracy UGNTU may apply for admission to only one master program.

For each of the areas of training masters provided as a place for the reception of training to master UGNTU at the expense of the federal budget (budget basis) as well as more space for people to study at Masters UGNTU contracts with tuition paid by legal entities and (or) physical persons (fee-based).

Acceptance of applications and documents produced from 20 June to 01 August inclusive.

Upon completion of training, participants receive a state diploma and is distributed among the leading companies on the fuel and energy complex.

Requirements for the level of training required for the development of graduate programs:
1. Persons wishing to learn specialized training program must have master's higher education, state documents confirmed a certain stage.
2. Persons with a bachelor's degree in the appropriate direction of master training credited to master specialized training on a competitive basis.Competitive selection conditions defined by the Rules of admission to magistracy HPE UGNTU based on the educational standard of higher education bachelor's degree in this field.

Further information can be obtained by:
the Deputy Chief of the Training Division (for the preparation of master) Kalashnikova AM
Ufa, ul. Astronauts, 1, uch. № 1, Rm. 437, tel. (347) 243-11-79,
the dean of the Faculty of automation of production processes
Ufa, ul. Astronauts, 1, uch. № 1, Rm. 256, tel / fax: (347) 242-08-51
and the selection committee UGNTU (347) 242-08-59,


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